4 Reasons you should be watching Chinese drama The Legends

The Fangirls just started the Chinese drama The Legends and are 100% on board for fantasy filled fun and romance. Come let us try to convince you to join since fangirling is more fun with friends.

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Fangirl Cdrama Review: Mystic Whispers

This fangirl is a full-time student, so it’s been months since I’ve had time to sit down and troll the waters looking for something new to watch “just because”. Since my summer break is just a few days away and I’ve turned in all my anxiety provoking projects, it’s time to clear out my backlog of dramas and see what catches my eye. As I was scrolling through Netflix, I stumbled upon Mystic Whispers. Join me as I see if this Chinese ghost story is something we should all be watching.

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