In Search of the Ultimate Korean Variety Show: Running Man

Has anyone noticed the smorgasbord of subbed Kvariety shows that have popped up lately? But what programs are “must watch” and which can be ignored or added as filler? Come join The Fangirls as we take a look at a new variety show each week and rank them so you can choose the best for your tastes. First up is the historic king of variety Running Man! Continue reading

Fangirl Stalking – Song Joong Ki

SJK 10.jpgAsk and you will receive!  We had a request to start writing actor bios covering various star’s filmography  and whether the shows are worth watching.  I especially like this kind of thing so am happy to be writing our first article in our new segment “Fangirl Stalking” starring everyone’s golden boy Song Joong Ki.  If there are specific actors you are interested in having us cover, be sure to give us a shout out in the comments.  Continue reading