Podcast #124: Fangirl Stalking Kim So Hyun

It is about that time where the Fangirls stalk one of our favorite onscreen people, and this time it’s Kim So Hyun, who is about to star in River Where the Moon Rises. Come find out which of her dramas are must what and which ones you might want to skip.

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Kdrama Jen & Kmuse’s Love/Hate Relationship With 2015

collage2I love the holidays because it means that one of my best kbestie buddies can stop adulting and come out to play.  So what do we do for fun when we are not doing the whole parenting/student/working thing?  We chat kdramas of course!  And this time, we are going to touch on a topic that usually we don’t do in our End of Year Reviews.  That is, we are going to talk about those dramas we are in a love-hate relationship with.  Continue reading