The Eternal Love (Season 1) Ep 13-15: A Positive Recap


Second marriages, scheming women, and weird sorcerers all come to play in this week’s The Eternal Love recap.  I have to admit that it was a bit hard to remain positive with so many annoying women trying to piss us off. Continue reading

The Eternal Love (Season 1) Ep 10-12: A Positive Recap


We are at that point in the drama where our OTP (one true pairing) have admitted to themselves, and each other, that they are in love. We all know what that means … time to add some serious angst. Thankfully, it is well-done angst so Drama Geek and I can discuss and keep to the rules of our positive recap. So join us as we chat episodes 10 to 12 of The Eternal Love. Continue reading