Podcast #49 -Marry, Kiss, & Throw Off a Cliff 2018 Chinese Drama Edition


Kmuse and Kdrama Jen get a tiny bit saucy as they play Marry, Kiss, & Throw of a Cliff with this year’s best and worst Chinese dramas. Come find out how your favorite dramas fared.

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5 Reasons to Watch Secret of the Three Kingdoms

OH MY GOSH!  I am so addicted to this drama it is not even funny.  The Bromance, the mystery, the political intrigue.  There is so much chemistry it is flying off the screen and making my heart pitter patter like crazy.  And, as we all know, I am incapable of keeping my latest obsessions to myself so I dragged my kbestie Kdrama Jen into the obsession with me…as well as this post.  So join us as we discuss why you should call in sick to work and binge watch this brilliant Chinese drama. Continue reading