A Fangirl’s Movie Review: Missing You (2016)

This 2016 suspense movie was recently released on Viki and I had to check it out, since I am a huge Kim Sung Oh fan. Come find out if this is your next chilling movie, chock full of serial killers, or if you need to keep searching for your next thrilling cinematic experience, as I review Missing You.

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A Fangirl Movie Review: The Princess and the Matchmaker

This fangirl loves to travel and I’m always looking for shows I can download onto my electronic devices and watch while I’m in no man’s land aka on the plane. I discovered The Princess and the Matchmaker last month and meant to watch it with my fellow fangirls during our time in L.A. for the BTS concert, but we got all distracted by other visual offerings. Last weekend I was headed out of town and I remembered that I had this movie to watch. My best friend, who isn’t into kdramas, watched this one on the plane with me and she laughed while I took notes. I tried to keep my review pretty spoiler free, but beware, I may have slipped one in and not noticed. Continue reading