Dramas Kimchi Podcast Episode 21 – Open Endings: Good or Bad?

You spend 16 + hours watching a show and BAM… you suddenly find yourself with an open ending.  What is your reaction?  Come join The Fangirls as they discuss this topic and share their favorite and least favorite open ended dramas.

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Original vs Remake: Signal

The first episode of Signal (the Japanese remake of the Korean drama) is out which means it is time for another Original vs. Remake where I compare and contrast the two versions to see who tells the story better. Let me help you decide whether it is worth watching the newer version or if you should just settle in for a rewatch of the original. Continue reading

Kmuse’s Musings: A Morning of Kpop Comebacks

.;a1a2s.pngI started the morning off like any other.  I dumped the kids at school at an ungodly hour (what?  No one should be forced to wake up before 9.) and shuffled back into the house debating on whether I should just fall back into bed.  Instead, I opened up my twitter account and was overwhelmed with visions of a blond Roy Kim in various bright colored screenshots and now here I am.  Inspired to discuss, not just one, but three Kpop comebacks.  So join me as I chat about my thoughts regarding the newest MV’s by Roy Kim, Twice, and VIXX. Continue reading

Signal Episode 16- The End…?


Screenshot 2016-03-14 20.10.16

I am sad to say this will be my last post on a show I have come to love, and the characters that live within this world. Our three heroes do not give up even when the credits roll, and neither does this writer. They’ve taken us on a ride from day one and it doesn’t seem to stop until the last minute. Or… maybe it never stop as long as there’s another transmission. Continue reading

Signal Episode 15 – It’s 11:23

10.pngEvery week I assume that they can not wring any more emotions from me, and every week I am proven wrong.  The story of Signal and all its time changing characters are going down swinging to the end.  Because when it comes down to it, none of them are the type to let sleeping dogs lie.  So join me in my last recap of the drama (Drama Geek will be covering the finale).  Continue reading

Signal Episode 12- If you’re looking for justice don’t go to Injoo!!!

We finally get to the two main cold cases, and unsurprisingly they’re connected. Which leads me to believe that the walkie talkie might be smarter than we think. This weekend’s episode broke the double digit mark in ratings with episode 11 coming in at 10.456% and episode 12 at 10.065%. I am so happy for this show. It totally deserves these ratings and all the love it’s getting. A tight suspenseful story being acted and directed fantastically. What more could we ask for? Well, maybe that all our heroes end up in 2015 alive, but I’ll take this for now.

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