The Fangirl’s Favorite Moments of 2015

collage.jpgYou know how there are just certain scenes in a drama that stick in your mind, long after the show has finished?  I thought it would be a fun way to close our reviews if we took a moment to share those as a fond goodbye to 2015.  So come join The Fangirls as we reminisce about the best moments kdrama this past year. Continue reading


Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #2


I just realized that since we have such a diverse group watching and chatting about dramas, we have moved from chatting just  Korean, to really covering shows from all over Asia.  I hope that this can help readers get good suggestions for branching out since good TV is good TV whatever the language.  So come join the fangirls as we chat dramas from Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand!  Continue reading