Podcast #88 – Crash Landing On You Podcap Ep 1-6

It’s time for a new podcap project and what better drama then Crash Landing On You starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin? Come join us as we get deep in our feels for episodes 1-6 of this delightful drama.

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A Fangirl Goes to the Movies, In Korea – The Negotiation

Chuseok just ended here in Korea, and this holiday break has reminded me that in three short months I will be returning stateside.  But, before I all-to-soon leave the land of K-dramas and Kimchi, there are a few remaining items I plan to check off my To-Do-While-In-Korea list.  Seeing a Korean movie, in Korea, for one! NO subtitles. Yikes!!  Join me as I share my recent Korean movie-going experience and my thoughts on the movie The Negotiation! Continue reading