Squad 38 Episode 6 – Catch Me If You Can


Its a game of cat and mouse this episode as Jung Do overcomes all obstacles to finish the con. We also find ourselves with a new bad guy to root against and a solidified con team that all come together for their growing love for our taxman teddy bear.  In other words!  Awesome stuff is going on, so come join me as I chat Episode 6. Continue reading

Squad 38 Episode 1 – The Taxman Cometh


It was a solid first episode for the new Seo In Guk (WOOHOO!) drama Squad 38.  And while Seo In Guk might have had less screen time than I expected this first hour, the reason for his character’s future actions was artfully executed.  So join me as I chat Squad 38 episode 1 and do a ton of fangirling in between.  Because what would a Seo In Guk drama be without Kmuse fangirling to the max? Continue reading