K-Pop News of the Week

There’s never a dull moment in Kpop, and this week is no exception! From Spotify dropping a multitude of Korean artists from its library to highly anticipated comebacks, MiataMama is here to make sure you don’t miss out on all the big happenings. Check out all the details below!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Noir

Do you like VIXX? A.C.E.? Stray Kids? Me too!

I initially gave Noir a try a few months ago, but the song I listened to just felt derivative, so I gave them a pass. Thanks to a new kpop release list on Spotify, I heard “Doom Doom” and something just clicked.

Having listened to most of Noir’s three mini albums now, I’ve decided that sometimes circling back to a group is not a bad thing! Come see what I found to love when I gave Noir a second chance.

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