Top 5 Kpop MVs: Recommendations from Other People

I love hearing what other kinds of music other people love, and it allows me to be just the tiniest bit lazy because I don’t have to search it out on my own. After chatting with MiataMama and DwaSoK fan Gretel, I came away with some new artists to fall in love with. Come see if you like what you hear too!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Noir

Do you like VIXX? A.C.E.? Stray Kids? Me too!

I initially gave Noir a try a few months ago, but the song I listened to just felt derivative, so I gave them a pass. Thanks to a new kpop release list on Spotify, I heard “Doom Doom” and something just clicked.

Having listened to most of Noir’s three mini albums now, I’ve decided that sometimes circling back to a group is not a bad thing! Come see what I found to love when I gave Noir a second chance.

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