Podcast 141: Squid Game Mania

Would we be true Kdrama podcasters if we didn’t watch Squid Game? Maybe, but we didn’t want to take the chance. We’re so glad we did and we want to share all of our thoughts and feelings on this show that’s taking the world by storm.

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t hit play, we have a spoiler light review of characters and general plot at the beginning of our podcast, then we jump into all the juicy details. Come join us for our more in-depth review.

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First Impression and Spoiler Free Series Review: SQUID GAME

Squid Game is EVERYWHERE. Everyone is talking about it, and if you’ve been watching dramas for a while, people you never thought would talk to about kdramas are suddenly wearing green tracksuits and wanting to discuss your favorite actors. According to Netflix, it may end up being its most-watched original show ever. What is making the world jump over that one-inch subtitle line and dive into this particular drama? I have no idea, but let’s talk about why we watched it instead.

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Upcoming Dramas for September 2021

Known as the Korean version of Thanksgiving, Chuseok will land on September 20-22 this year. Why is this important to international viewers? Because tv stations want to grab idle eyeballs, so they’ll load up all the good stuff around the holiday. This translates to FIVE dramas debuting on September 17th, the Friday before Chuseok. That is a LOT of dramas! Come see if you’ll be adding any of them to your watch list.

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