Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Releases a Flood of Stills and Motion Character Posters


With only 21 days to go til Scarlet Heart: Ryeo premiers, it is time to bring out all the stills, posters, and teasers that can be stuffed into a fangirl’s social media page.  And since I am a huge believer in sharing my addiction, you all get to share in my obsession of all things Scarlet Heart.  And to make it easy, I have gathered everything here in one easy post. YAY for Kaddiction! Continue reading

First glimpse of Park Bo Gum for upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


I think I can speak for the majority of us sageuk kaddicts that we are very excited to see Park Bo Gum (Answer Me 1988) in his upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Not only is it going to be a romantic drama, but a cross-dressing, palace shenanigans romance drama which is the best kind in my opinion.  Let’s give a WOOT WOOT for romantic shenanigans! Continue reading

Official Posters, Stills, & 1st Trailer for Upcoming Chinese Drama “Ice Fantasy”


I started watching Chinese dramas only 18 mths ago so am still really new to the ins and outs, including the various actors.  So I just vaguely know who most of these actors are.  However, I am a sucker for shiny and pretty production so thought I would share this with everyone else that needs a dose of pretty today.  I also plan on watching since I am a sucker for sci-fi romance dramas. Continue reading

A Side of Kdrama Gossip #4

collage.jpgKmuse here, spending way too much of the time I should be sleeping, checking out my kdrama social media.  But since I am already awake, I figured I would throw out a quick Kdrama Gossip post since it has been a while since we last released one due to the End of Year reviews.  Sadly, I am flying solo, this time,  since the other Fangirls are smart and snug in their beds.  But please join me as I chat about the latest stills, gossip, and other random stuff happening in Kdramaland.

Continue reading