First Impression: Woori the Virgin

Anyone ready for Korea’s version of telenovela-style writing? The American show Jane the Virgin is loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela and now we have the Korean remake, Woori the Virgin. I’m happy to report they’ve kept some of the best elements of the American version, and tailored it to the Korean audience just enough that any Kdrama watcher can get onboard with the makjang and have a good time.

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My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake

.;a1My Secret Romance premiered today, and it has the delicious Sung Hoon in it. So basically, I’m in. This drama is a lot like that fancy cupcake you see at the supermarket. You know it’s just a frosting-filled mess of empty calories, and you should really check out the carrot stick section. Then that traitorous voice inside you whispers, “But I love frosting!” Continue reading

Fangirl Stalking: Sung Hoon


I was trying to decide on my next stalkee but was overwhelmed with my options, so I sent a shout-out on my FB account for ideas.  Imagine my surprise when I got a ton of requests for the always sexy, but underrated actor, Sung Hoon.  Since my readers have spoken, I provide!  Not at all a hardship since I get to go through so many pretty pictures to go with the post.  YAY for pretty! Continue reading