Why I Don’t Hate Madame Antoine

a4.jpgSome of my more discerning Kbesties dropped this drama after the first episode (or even the first 20 minutes).  I was already stuck on the treadmill, so I kept watching.  I totally get why some people did not stick around.  Once again our leading man (Sung Joon) is sporting a turtleneck and engaged in some shady psychology stuff.  I did not enjoy him as a creepy hypnotist in the last show I saw him in, and seeing him with the same smarmy grin in this one turned me off a bit.  He is also playing a cold and emotionally unavailable jerk.  He doesn’t believe in love, and he is hiding behind his quasi-science to prove how people can be manipulated into falling in love.  So, yeah.  He is not the most endearing character.  So, why am I still watching? Continue reading

‘Madame Antoine’ Releases 1st Teaser and Cute Interaction With Fans.

ssI am still not sure if Madame Antoine which stars, Han Ye Seul & Sung Joon, are going to have chemistry together.  But I sure do love the visual vibe of the drama.  The eclectic gypsy style is new and visually entertaining.  And these teasers, while being just teasers, are still cute.  I especially like the special heart rate test.  That is a cute intro for the actors. Continue reading