K-Pop Playlist: Boy Group Treasure Trove

I knew this was going to happen — I go on vacation and ALL the groups decide to drop amazing new tracks!! After returning home, it took a few days to fully catch up and compile a list of my favorites! But now I’m ready and excited to gush over this fantastic musical bounty with you my fellow K-pop enthusiasts!! We’ve got chart topping bangers, groovy beats, emo vibes, and a dash of throwback — ready to hit play?!

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5 Years of DWASOK: Kpop Edition

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary this week! I can’t believe that we have all been kbesties and blogging together for so many years. To celebrate, we will have five days of posts reflecting over our favorites shows, couples, kpop, etc. over the last five years. We are also going to have an awesome giveaway, so join us as we start with our favorite Kpop. Hint… there is going to be a lot of BTS!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: ALL the Quirk

Kmuse knows me so well. She was entertaining me with quirky kpop videos the other night that totally fit my impromptu video qualification list.

Off the wall sense of humor? Check!

Catchy melody? Check!

Fun visuals? Check!

Disappearing and reappearing flowers, awkwardly dancing clones, eerie marionettes, angry teddy bears, and a cross-dressing Siwon and imaginary motorcycles — what more do you need? Come watch these MVs to entertain your brain AND your ears!

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