Top 5 Kpop Songs: Lee Hong Gi

I don’t really keep a bias list or anything like that, but I’ve noticed lately that if I don’t know what to listen to, I turn to either FTIsland or Lee Hong Gi’s solo work. I guess that means I *do* have a bias…? I do love listening to Hong Gi’s powerful, slightly raspy voice a whole lot. Anyway, here are the top 5 Lee Hong Gi songs on my playlist!

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Second Switch Teaser Intrigues & Confuses the Maknae

Not that it’s hard to confuse this newbie. Anyway, I love the premise of this show: An intelligent man who couldn’t quite make it as a lawyer and so turns to underhanded means to make justice come about anyway. I mean, it’s Leverage all over again! With a little Suits thrown in for good measure. (Can you tell I used to watch a lot of TNT and USA? This was definitely pre-dramaland.)

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