The Maknae Recommends: A Spoiler-free Review of Switch

There was something comfortable about watching Switch. It felt a little like coming home, which is odd to say about a drama that was full of twists. I reminded me, forcibly, of USA Network’s White Collar and TNT’s Leverage. All three shows drew me in because of the characters with contrasting moral codes, the unexpected plots, and the likable ensembles.

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Second Switch Teaser Intrigues & Confuses the Maknae

Not that it’s hard to confuse this newbie. Anyway, I love the premise of this show: An intelligent man who couldn’t quite make it as a lawyer and so turns to underhanded means to make justice come about anyway. I mean, it’s Leverage all over again! With a little Suits thrown in for good measure. (Can you tell I used to watch a lot of TNT and USA? This was definitely pre-dramaland.)

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