Finally a Search: WWW teaser that gets me excited!

I might have mentioned once or twice that the promotional material for upcoming drama Search: WWW has left me a bit baffled. They have such dynamic actors and everything has been leaving me feeling blah. The last thing I want in a noona romance is blah. That has finally changed with the release of the latest teaser.

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First Teaser for Ms. Ma: Nemesis

Autumn is a time for relaxing and catching up on a good mystery.  Something about this time of year is just perfect for sitting back and being a couch detective. My fellow fangirls know I am obsessed with Agatha Christie. I even own a The Body in the Library tee shirt. So when a Korean version of an Agatha Christie mystery popped up on the list, of course, I got very excited. After all, it’s combining two of my favorite things kdramas, and Agatha Christie stories.

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