What to Watch While You’re Waiting for Alienoid 2

My favorite Korean summer movie of 2022, Alienoid, was a brilliant blast of sci-fi and time travel and the many facets of Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Joon Yeol, and Kim Tae Ri. It left me wanting more, so while I’m *very* patiently waiting for the sequel to appear, I’ll be keeping myself entertained with other dramas to fill the void. Come see what I think will keep the fires stoked for Alienoid 2

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It’s Spy vs family in 2nd Terius Behind Me teaser

Hooray!  The end-of-summer drama drought is coming to an end!  I’ve already started a couple new shows this week and I’m giddy with anticipation as the floodgates open and new dramas come pouring in.  In less than two weeks Terius Behind Me will be vying for my attention.  It promptly went on my watch list when I first heard about it— I am SUPER excited to see So Ji Sub acting on the small screen once again.  Has it really been THREE years since we saw him in Oh My Venus?  Continue reading