5 suspenseful dramas to watch on a spooky October night

Looking for a scary drama to watch during the month that is dedicated to all things spooky and creepy? Need a short drama? Want something that will make you creeped out when you watch it at night? Something with scares and a side of humor? Then look no further, since I have compiled a list with all of your drama watching needs in mind.

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The Guest: A Special Twitter Edition First Impression Post

Sometimes a drama rolls around and you watch, you contemplate, and you go to Twitter to live tweet your reactions.  Yes, Hand: The Guest (I will just be calling it The Guest for the rest of the post) is that kind of drama.  So sit back and enjoy as I search twitter for the best tweets to try and describe my feelings on this drama.  Because sometimes what you say while you in the middle of watching turns out to be the most entertaining thing you can say. Continue reading