Drama Fate Connects Our OTP in This Life Is Our First New Teasers


I am really enjoying this double teaser promotion style that is happening with the upcoming tvN drama This Life is Our First.   Not only does it highlight both leads (SQUEEEE! Lee Min Ki is back!) but I love how we see fate step in at the end of both teasers and brings our leads together. Continue reading

tvN’s upcoming drama This Life is Our First releases character teasers

DramaKimch1.pngSQUEEEE!!! Lee Min Ki is finally back on a drama! Thanks to military service and post military life, he has been gone so long that most of the newer kaddicts won’t even know who he is. But this fangirl remembers his awesome acting skills and could not be happier. And after Jung So Min’s successful run on Father is Strange, I am totally prepared to ship them. Continue reading