Believer (Movie) Trailer

This movie wasn’t on my radar until Ryu Jun Yeol posted the trailer on his Instagram.  The synopsis is pretty straight forward: Teacher Lee is the boss of the biggest drug ring in South Korea. To catch him, Detective Won-Ho (Cho Jin Woong) works with a member of his drug ring, Rak (Ryu Jun Yeol). Continue reading


Yang Mi & Ethan Ruan team up in new Chinese drama Legend of Fu Yao

We have another must watch drama on our horizon (they are starting to pop out Chinese dramas faster than I can watch them…..but that is a good thing, right?) starring Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) & Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You).  Legend of Fu Yao is about a girl on a quest who falls in love with a Crown Prince.  Not the most unique storyline but when it involves these two actors….do we really care? Continue reading

The Princess Wei Young Trailer


I am sending good karma to whoever helped the Chinese decide that they wanted to improve their drama making quality over the last couple years.  Thanks to pre-production and deep financial pockets, everything coming our way from China looks amazing.  This includes the upcoming historical drama The Princess Wei Young which is set to air in early 2017. Continue reading

1st Trailer for 38 Police Squad: Pros and Cons


Every day we come closer and closer to D-day…. also known as June 18th.  The day that Seo In Guk comes back onto our TV screens to the swooning and fangirling of all the Heartriders out there.  And every day we get some new snippets of clips or stills to squeal over.  This time, we get a big one as the 1st trailer for 38 Police Squad is dropped and we get to see actual scenes from the show.  So in true fangirl fashion, let’s watch the trailer a hundred times and dissect it into pros and cons. Continue reading