Top 5 Kpop MVs: Bringing ALL the Bright & Bouncy Feels

I’m back y’all! After a couple looong months surviving the holidays and handling an unexpected impact on my day-to-day, I’m finally settling back into my Kpop groove again!! And I have a BUNCH of new songs I can’t wait to share – this playlist is guaranteed to boost your mood and get you up and dancing! Let’s GOOOO!!

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Kmuse’s Musings: A Morning of Kpop Comebacks

.;a1a2s.pngI started the morning off like any other.  I dumped the kids at school at an ungodly hour (what?  No one should be forced to wake up before 9.) and shuffled back into the house debating on whether I should just fall back into bed.  Instead, I opened up my twitter account and was overwhelmed with visions of a blond Roy Kim in various bright colored screenshots and now here I am.  Inspired to discuss, not just one, but three Kpop comebacks.  So join me as I chat about my thoughts regarding the newest MV’s by Roy Kim, Twice, and VIXX. Continue reading