Throwback Thursday: A Side of Khottie Vampire (Oct 2015)


For this Throwback Thursday we are traveling back to 2015 when Vampires were one of the big trends. Come find out our thoughts on some of the classic Vampire trope dramas and see if they are worth taking a look.

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1st Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: I Cannot Hug You

There are several tropes that suck me in no matter how bad the drama might be. Vampire romance is definitely one of those tropes. Regardless of how many times I have been burned by badly written vamp stories I just keep coming back. That said, so far I Cannot Hug You is not one of those bad dramas. So come join me as I share my 1st Impressions and Unfiltered thoughts for the Chinese drama I Cannot Hug You. Continue reading

5 Reasons We Are Loving the Chinese Vampire Drama The Journey

DramaKimchi18When Kmuse starts a text message to me that says, “Have you seen the Chinese drama…” I know I should just delete that message without looking, but like a vampire obsessed with the sunrise, I just can’t avoid it even though I know it may not be good for me and my productivity.  So began my recent fall into the quirky, yet surprisingly addictive Chinese drama called The Journey.  I am now watching it without subs.  Yes, it sucked me in so completely!  So, read on to discover why Kmuse and I think you should cancel your plans and binge watch The Journey. Continue reading

A Side of Khottie Vampire

collage1Oh Korean vampires.  How I want to love you, but so often you just miss the mark on being  scary and/or romantic.  It’s not that you don’t cast the best and hottest kactors out there, but more often than not, I end up rolling my eyes at their vampy antics.  So with Halloween arriving soon and keeping in tune with our Halloween themed Kdrama and Kpop posts, let’s do some discussing of the greatest and most “meh” of the vampire genre. Continue reading