W-Two Worlds Episode 7 – A Steamy Adult Style Romance Recap

a12a34.pngThings heat up between our OTP (one true pairing) as they are reunited despite death, lack of drawing skills, and jail trying to keep them apart.  It seems like they are fated to be no matter what world they reside in. Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 3 – Lingerie or a long shot?


I seriously have a crazy fangirl love affair going on with this drama.  It makes recapping so much more enjoyable when I don’t have to figure out a new way to say “this sucks” every week!  And W-Two Worlds does in no way suck.  In fact, this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite dramas (knock on imaginary wood) and I pray it stays strong til the end.  But for now we are only on episode 3 so let’s start discussing our kooky heroine and her charming hero. Continue reading