Top 5 Kpop MVs: Yay New Music!

When all the comebacks hit within the few weeks of each other, it can either be overwhelming or a delight for the ears. Right now, my ears are absolutely delighted! From Dreamcatcher to WayV, come see what’s new!

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The Fangirls’ Guide to WayV

We have a new obsession. Well, it has kind of been building for a while. Did it begin years ago while watching Ten on Hit the Stage? Or was it the glimpses of greatness we saw in the very back when NCT first debuted? I can’t tell you when our love began, but it has certainly been growing steadily since January, 2019 when the NCT sub-group WayV came bursting onto the scene. Read on to discover more about the awesomeness that is WayV, must watch videos, and everything a new fan might need to know about the music and group members.

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