I Am… The Latest Robot Drama

We have a new robot Kdrama! It’s about an android who is designed to learn and to be self-aware, and looks like a cute teenage girl. Well, why would they bother to design an ugly one? She graces our tv screens in a short web drama called I Am… only six episodes of fifteen minutes each. It’s an easy watch, and it is well done. Come with me and meet our latest robot, Annie!

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4 Reasons to Check out Web Drama Love For A Thousand More


I usually reserve these type of reviews for my epic, long episode, Chinese dramas that I tend to gravitate towards.  So imagine my surprise when a super short web drama with a mostly newbie cast caught my attention to the point where I felt the urge to promote it.  Just goes to show that good entertainment can come in all types of forms.  So join me as I try and convince you to give Love For a Thousand More a chance. Continue reading