While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 15 & 16

Well, this episode picks up right where we left off, but in greater clarity: Hak Young threatens to reveal Woo Tak’s secret if Woo Tak doesn’t help him prove his innocence, and Woo Tak pulls out a prepared letter of resignation and says “Ok. Let’s do this then.”

Seriously, could this boy get any cooler?

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While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 13 & 14

Hey you guys! Our dear Kmuse isn’t feeling well, so I, the intrepid Maknae, have taken over this week’s While You Were Sleeping recaps. Mwahahahaha!

ALSO, I noticed something in my last post. You know that picture of Jae Chan threatening his brother with “Wolverine” and I said something about sibling torture? That whole story arc is a contrast in sibling relationships! There’s the fun-loving, caring one between Jae Chan and Seung Won, and the deadly one between Kang Dae Hee and his brother. Can we just say excellent writing? Because, seriously, that is some excellent writing. I applaud the writer.

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While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 11 & 12

Wolverine! Sibling torture is THE BEST.

Ok, so I ended up getting frustrated with the slow subbing pace and missing subtitles at Viki and ended up subscribing to Kocowa for the month. So thanks for being patient with me and my delayed recap, drama fans. If you find yourself frustrated also, it’s $7/month for Kocowa and you don’t have to be locked into a contract. Just FYI.

But boy oh BOY, While You Were Sleeping is worth the frustration and extra streaming service!! Let’s jump into this episode, shall we?

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While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 9 & 10

We shift gears this week as we put the romance on the backburner and look at more important things. Like the fact that Hong Joo had a job. Huh? I don’t know why that surprises me. For some reason, I felt that waitress kind of fit the character but nope…. our leading lady is a star reporter who has taken a two-year hiatus from her job. Does this new plot twist work? Come join me as I discuss this as well as all my other favorite moments of episodes 9 & 10. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping 3&4

The drama continues with While You Were Sleeping episodes 3 and 4 (labeled as episode 2 on Viki. Why? I have no idea. *points to self* Maknae, remember?). Now we’re exploring the Cassandra effect in the lives of our two main characters and how they intersect, especially when one believes and one doesn’t. Wait, if you’re a Cassandra who doesn’t believe in your own prophecies, does that make you a Cassandra-inception? Hmmm . . . .

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