Whisper Releases Murderous 3rd Teaser

1a34.jpgI have been dropping a ton of dramas from the last batch that aired.  Which makes me just a tiny bit desperate for a good drama with a strongly written storyline.  Hopefully, Whisper will be such a drama.  Continue reading


Lee Bo Young is Intense in New Whisper Teasers

.;a1a2s7.pngI am so excited!  Lee Bo Young is one of the few actresses on my bias list.  Which means that Whisper is a must watch for me.  Usually, I am a little hesitant when it comes to law or corruption dramas since they sometimes can go very wrong (and boring.) However, with Park Kyung Soo (Punch, Golden Empire, Chasers) as the writer, I think that if nothing else, the drama will deal with the subject matter in a way that sucks a viewer in. And judging by the teasers, we are in for a very intense battle of wills. Continue reading