Chinese Drama First Impression: Legend of Fuyao is Feeding Our Addiction

Chinese drama enthusiasts among the fangirls have been waiting for Legend of Fuyao to hit our small screens. Come join Kmuse, Drama Geek, and Kdrama Jen as we share our first impressions, squee-worthy moments, and unfiltered thoughts about Legend of Fuyao! Continue reading

Yang Mi & Ethan Ruan team up in new Chinese drama Legend of Fu Yao

We have another must watch drama on our horizon (they are starting to pop out Chinese dramas faster than I can watch them…..but that is a good thing, right?) starring Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) & Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You).  Legend of Fu Yao is about a girl on a quest who falls in love with a Crown Prince.  Not the most unique storyline but when it involves these two actors….do we really care? Continue reading