New Character Teasers for Upcoming TvN Drama Goblin


We get more character teasers this week for upcoming fantasy drama Goblin.  Maybe this is one of those cases that the teaser is better if you actually understand Korean, but for me, I am not feeling this as much as I was hoping to.  The teasers are very beautifully vague.  Continue reading


Spreading the “One More Happy Ending” Love


Could this drama look anymore whimsical and cute?  Pretty much every photo I see for this drama makes me happy.  With that said, I am really sad that MBC is really dropping the ball on creating any buzz.  One More Happy Ending is looking like it will be so much fun.  My solution is to do my own little promotion since I really hope this show does well.  That and any drama that goes to the effort of having such cute clothes deserves a shout-out.  I pretty much want every outfit seen in these Instagram pics. Continue reading