Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 1

Our favorite writing/PD team is back and creating a new drama set in a Hospital. Now, usually we are not really into medical dramas, but if anyone can convince us otherwise it is this writer. So come join us as we share the five most memorable moments from episode 1.

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Tries to Entice With Stellar Cast and Teaser

.;a2.pngThis show has so many actors that I truly enjoy, there is only one problem with it…..It is a medical drama.  Long time readers know that this is not my favorite genre.  In fact, the only genres I dislike more are Lawyer shows and reunited divorced couples.  Why can’t Chillbongie choose a show I really want to watch?  I am beginning to worry that I don’t like him as much as Reply 1994 convinced me I did. Continue reading