Fangirl, teacher, mom, sister, and friend! I started watching Kdramas several years ago when my cousin recommended Faith/The Great Doctor. Since then I have an embarrassing amount of dramas under my belt and I’ve learned to love some Kpop. My bias is Hyun Bin, and Secret Garden is my favorite drama. I’ve recently branched out into other Asian dramas and I’m currently watching Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino dramas.  I’m always open to new suggestions of what to watch, but I’m a happy ending kind of girl and tend to keep away from anything too angsty. 


3 thoughts on “Clkytta

  1. Hi there, I recently discovered your website.

    I love that you guys have a blog. I feel like many of us don’t admit our love for dramas . So thanks for being open about your love for dramas.
    I would recommend this Chinese drama I am watching, it’s hella confusing but I hope you will
    like it.i would describe it as “it’s so bad ,it’s good”
    Name- thetwinflowerlegend.

  2. Faith/The Great Doctor was also my first Kdrama. It was almost accidental, finding it on Netflix when boredom had me scrolling. However, if I didn’t have a great Mexican friend who while studying his masters in Korea, met and married a Japanese woman before returning to Mexico where he regained his friends with songs about kimchi and stories about his time in Korea. Well, without this friendship I would probably have clicked right past Faith. But I decided to give it a try in honor of our friendship and the rest is history. I have lost track of how many dramas I have watched. I even have a favorite director, Ahn Pan Seok. I’m waiting to see what he comes up with next. And among the current offerings available right now on Netflix and Viki, my favorite is Vincenzo. It is endlessly tongue-in-cheek, filled with humor and parody. I guess dark comedy is the best description. Anyway, I like your site and will be bookmarking it for future reference.

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