I have studied Japanese from time to time because my husband speaks it. Occasionally we looked for Japanese movies and tv shows to watch for language practice but never found much. Then in 2013 my daughter-in-law and her mother told us about Korean dramas and the streaming sites they can be found on. How easy! My husband decided learning Korean would fit right into his life, we watched our first Kdrama, Secret Garden, and got sucked in to the tune of 40 Kdramas (miniseries, not episodes) the first year.

He started keeping track of what we watched on a blog, and when a year was up  started another one for me. I wrote about our 40 shows and kept on going. Not being a techie, I did a lot of pages of text before I learned to add pictures. After a while he moved on to learning Chinese, I tackled Japanese again, and we began finding shows in those languages.

My daughter-in-law belongs to a Korean drama discussion group which I got pulled into one day. It has been a delight to share and discuss Asian dramas with these people, which it turns out includes Jennie and Kmuse. I am really honored and pleased now to be able to contribute to their blog.