Drama Geek

Welcome! Just a little info about Drama Geek. I’m an author, geek & Kdrama fangirl.  I have  many obsessions: reading, writing, most things geek related (Doctor Who and the Last Airbender/Legends of Korra being the most pronounced).

Makjang usually isn’t my thing. Done right though, it can be delicious. Sageuks are their own animal, but some manes of glory just can’t be passed up. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People and Aarang and the Magistrate are two that make my top 20 favorite dramas. I admit, I totally lost it for Healer and it remains in my top ten. When the Hong Sisters (the Master’s Sun writers) are on fire, they write my kind of silly. I can do procedural, but it helps if there’s a sexy vamp involved to keep it interesting. I also don’t usually do long dramas (Father is Strange being the exception). I do love a dark and twisty story as long as it’s written well. Save Me and Forest of Secrets were 2 of my favorites in 2017. I venture into other countries. Japanese dramas are the best medicine when my current show is full of angst. Also, Kmuse and I do love to tag team Chinese drama recaps from time to time.

You can find me on twitter at Drama Geek’s Twitter.

Drama Geek out.