Kdrama Jen

Hello.  This is Kdrama Jen.  I am what you might call an “avid” viewer of Kdramas.  Well, some might call it “obsessive,” but I just turn up the volume and ignore those people.  I have been enjoying Kdrama for over 10 years.  Yes, that’s right.  It has been a decade since I first discovered Kdramas.  Watching dramas is how I relax and steal a little “me time.”   I recently finished graduate school and earned that coveted “Dr.” that I can now place before my name.  So, when I am blogging about something especially nerdy, then I go by “Dr. Kdrama Jen.”

I enjoy all kinds of dramas.  My guilty pleasure dramas are high school musical dramas featuring Kpop idols.  I can’t help it. I have recently accepted that I am a major BTS fan, but I don’t have a true bias. I appreciate all of them for different reasons.  I also enjoy historical and contemporary dramas of all kinds.  I tend to choose dramas based on the actors and writers, so that provides a pretty large variety of genres.

I love to chat dramas and I especially love to recommend dramas to others. If you are ever looking for a suggestion, please ask.  The only thing more fun than watching dramas is forcing others to listen to my opinion about dramas.  It’s really the perfect combination.  Thanks for stopping by!

-Kdrama Jen