You might not believe this, but Jane Austen got me into K-dramas. I know. I know. She’s been gone for two hundred years! What does the quintessential British author have to do with the land of oppas, backhugs, and wrist grabs? I love, love, LOVE her most famous work, Pride and Prejudice. This led me to a lesser known movie called Bride and Prejudice, which led me to the fascinating world of Hindi Cinema and Bollywood dance numbers. But more importantly, it conditioned me for reading subtitles. A friend knew I liked these movies and suggested I try a little K-drama called My Princess, and the rest is history.

Now, I hardly watch anything in English. When you spend enough time detoxing from American television, it’s amazing how much bad acting you notice when you return. I think I’ll stay here in my sentimental, romantic, funny K-world watching all the Mr. Darcys parade across my screen. Seriously, that archetype is everywhere!

I’m a happy ending girl all the way. I can handle angst, but there better be enough light to balance out the shadows. My favorite drama is The King 2 Hearts (as you might be able to tell from my profile picture). No matter how many times I watch it, Jo Jung Suk still makes me cry. Tears are okay in the middle, but I better be smiling at the closing credits!

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