Hey all!  Most of you know me as a blogger for “The Crazy Ahjummas” but since we closed that blog I am off to try a different blog format. As for me, I am a housewife and mother of three amazing children.  I started watching Kdramas three years ago after finding Boys Over Flowers on Netflix and have been 100% addicted ever since.  I spent around a year watching every kdrama I possibly could, to the point that it is a search to find ones that I have not already watched.  So it is a perfect fit, giving other’s advice on what would fit their kdrama needs.


 I not only love watching my kdramas, but also love getting my family and friends hooked as well.  I am now officially part of a multi-kdrama addicted household since my mother, both sisters, my niece, and two daughters all watch Kdramas & listen to Kpop.  This last year my youngest finally started school and I was at a loss as to what to do with my extra time.  Luckily my awesome friends Shannen and Jess invited me to blog here with them and have been loving the whole blogging experience ever since.  My #1 bias is of course the multi-talented Seo In Guk (seriously he is so sexy and perfect that if I was not already married, the concept of him would have ruined me for all other men).

So that is the very basics about who I am, but if you want to know anything else, or want suggestions for what kdrama’s to watch, feel free to ask.



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  1. What does your husband think about your Kdrama obsession? My boyfriend finds it a little odd. I had to watch some Filipino dramas so he wouldn’t feel left out (ha ha.)

  2. Hi amberkmuse ~

    As a fellow K-drama lover, I understand how addictive they truly can be 🙂 I’ve noticed you’ve been branching out into Chinese dramas since late last year. How are you liking them in comparison? I just discovered this blog and enjoy reading your articles.

    Would you be open to discussing a potential partnership? I work at Viki, an online video streaming site with several of the shows you’ve written about such as Nirvana in Fire, My Amazing Boyfriend, and Ice Fantasy.

    From my end, I’m happy to share updates on shows you’re interested in and can find on Viki. Also, many times we receive items (posters, photos, notebooks, etc.) that perhaps you’d like to giveaway to your readership during special events.


    • That would be cool. I have been branching into Chinese shows more in the last year. I am actually hoping to come across someone who will be interested in joining our blogging group to write more about Chinese shows in the future so we will be expanding into that area a bit more than we are. We would be happy to do giveaways and promote more shows. Sharing the addiction is the best.

  3. Great blog, I just discovered your it today. I only got into kdramas about a year ago and am so excited when I find other kdrama addicts! Especially, those who are crushing on the same actors as I am. Seo In Guk is one of my favourites right now. He’s such a good actor and singer!

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