여러분, 안녕하세요! (Hello Everyone!)

I’m so excited to be one of the DWASOK fangirls! And I just wanted to share a little about myself.

Why am I posing with a tree? Because this is *the* tree that is featured in ALL the Korean Sageuks – most recently it can be seen in the flashbacks of Hotel Del Luna! I get sentimental every time I see it on the screen now. . .

First of all, I’m a proud military spouse – married to my man in uniform for 19 years now. We have been blessed to live in numerous cities all over the US, as well as spending four years living in both Seoul and Daejeon, South Korea. Joining us on all our globe-trotting adventures are our four amazing and resilient kiddos!

Ten years ago, I knew nothing about Korea, K-Dramas, K-pop. But one day in 2011, my hubby came home from his Korean language class and shared a clip from of this Korean drama called Full House. I was fascinated! I spent my evenings gobbling up each episode. And by the time I finished my second drama, Secret Garden, I was HOOKED!

After studying Korean for 7 years, I can read hangul and speak conversationally, but will still wait for subtitles on my dramas so I don’t miss anything! I’ve been an ardent K-drama watcher; over 230 dramas watched! I’ve only recently begun giving C-dramas a try too. I don’t have any K-drama biases, because I love everyone and can’t really decide. But here are a few actors and actress that I adore most!

Clockwise from top left: Hyun Bin, Park Min Young, Park Bo Young, Choi Jin Hyuk & Ji Chang Wook.

I have been more of a dabbler in the K-pop scene over the years. I started out listening to U-Kiss and Big Bang, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to BTS a couple years ago that I fell down the rabbit-hole and became all-consumed. Most recently I’ve joined ATINY, following the amazing rookie group ATEEZ. And because I love rooting for the underdogs, I also enjoy lesser known artists like Gaho, AKMU, and The Rose.

I truly feel like I left a piece of my heart in South Korea. Thanks for letting me share my passion for all things Korean with you, here at Dramas With a Side of Kimchi! And if you’d like to see what I’m currently watching, you can always check out my drama list on MDL here!