What A Drama Fan Needs For The Gift-Giving (and receiving!) Season

‘Tis the season, drama fans! The season where we get stars in our eyes, that is, dreaming about receiving the PERFECT drama-related gift for Christmas (or winter gift-giving holiday of your choice). We have assembled a list of great ideas for you. You can pass it along to the curious, or use it yourself! We won’t judge.

A quick note before we begin: We use Amazon affiliate links throughout this post. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to click on our links to buy what you want, and it is a great way to support us in our endeavors. What can I say? This Maknae’s got to pay for her idol sock obsession somehow!!



First and foremost, drama fans neeeeeed their dramas, especially now that DramaFever’s demise has yanked away some of our favorites. Below are links to a few fan favorites. I haven’t verified the quality myself, though I have done my best to select the ones with the best subtitles and packaging, because that’s what I care about.

Goblin DVDs — (The Maknae) This set apparently has the best subtitles. It’s actually on my personal wish list.

Healer DVDs — (Kdrama Jen) If you have been hoping to entice a non-drama watcher to join your obsession, then Healer is a great place to start.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? DVDs — (The Maknae) I would ignore the reviews on this one — haters gonna hate, but you know if you love it. Also (Kdrama Jen) this features Park Min Yeong from Healer and her ponytail of awesomeness, plus the delectable Park Seo Joon!

Chicago Typewriter CD — (The Maknae) Sometimes all I need is the music from a drama to help me relive the entire experience. Chicago Typewriter is definitely one of those for me — the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE.

Roku — (The Maknae) I’ve had a Roku for several years and I LOVE it. Kocowa is even beta testing a Roku app right now — that means ALL the DRAMAS on your TV!! Take a minute and think about that. It’s a happy thought, isn’t it?


Occasionally I have to take a break from reading subtitles, so I pursue an entirely different hobby — reading!! LOL. Yes, okay, it’s not THAT different, but I’m hilarious. Anyway, here are a few books that we’ve recommended on the blog or in our podcast over the last year or so:

Birth of Korean Cool — (Kdrama Jen)  This book offers the backstory that explains the “Hallyu Wave” and how Korea emerged from some very difficult times to be the entertainment powerhouse we all look to for music and dramas. It is a fun read that helps explain some of the foundations behind the Kpop and Kdrama industry.

When My Name Was Keoko — (Kdrama Jen)  If you have ever found yourself with questions about what it was like during the Japanese occupation, and how the North Korea/South Korea split came to be, then you must read this book. This is the gripping story of a girl who grew up in Korea during the occupation and her family’s struggle to maintain their Korean identity. It will draw you in and make you appreciate how remarkable it is that Hangul and Korean culture survived. It will help you see how the arbitrary division of Korea split families apart. It will make your drama watching have so much more depth. I highly recommend this book!

Korea: The Impossible Country — (Kdrama Jen)  If you ever wondered how Korea got to where they are today, this book helps explain how the fighting spirit of the Korean people helped them overcome hardship to make their mark in so many industries. It is a fascinating read that explores the political, social, and cultural underpinnings of Korea’s success story.

Kpop/Kdrama-inspired Romance novellas –(Kdrama Jen)  We have a few blogging besties with novellas available for your enjoyment. Check out Jennie Bennett’s plethora of Kpop-inspired novellas and Dramarookie’s debut novella– Flower Boy Tour Guide — which describes every drama fan’s ultimate Korean tour experience.

Korean language intro books — (Kdrama JenTalk to Me in Korean has some of the best workbooks to accompany their podcasts. I highly recommend checking out their books. They have something for learners at every level!

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo — (The Maknae) I can’t say enough good things about this book by F.C. Yee. After the disappointing ending to Hwayugithis fresh interpretation of the Chinese folktale Journey to the West hit all the right notes for me. I’ve read it three times so far, and I will be going back to it for sure. I might even buy it in physical form!

To the Sky Kingdom — (Kdrama Jen)  If you loved the Chinese drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, then you will want to read the novel it was based on! Written by Tan Qi, but with an English translation available, this book is the inspiration for the epic Chinese fantasy drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms–you will just have to use your imagination for the manes of glory.


As you know, most of us Fangirls are ARMY, so no Christmas is complete without some BTS merchandise. We also have a t-shirt store and a pajama store for our beloved Dramas Kimchi fans! We need a name for you guys. Anyway. Upgrade your wardrobe through the links below — the t-shirts and the pjs feature our brand new logo!

BTS merchandise — Sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, and all things BTS are the perfect gift for any ARMY!

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi Teespring store — That’s right! We have our own store with a great selection of items with our logo. There is nothing better than being able to spot a fellow fan wearing the same swag!

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi PJ store  — You can snuggle up with your favorite drama — or one of the fantastic books we  recommended — wearing your DWASOK jammies!


These drama gifts are DEFINITELY the right size to fit in anyone’s stocking!

Korean skincare/make up — If you (or someone on your list) is a fan of Korean beauty products, putting a few of these items in a stocking will make eyes twinkle!

BT21 items — Do they make bigger stockings? The characters created by the BTS members have so much personality and just make me smile! If you are shopping for someone else, be sure to ask them if they have a favorite character!

Korean face masks — Make your drama or Kpop fan (or yourself) feel amazing with Korean face masks. They are perfect for wearing during a drama-thon!

Shin Ramen — (Kdrama Jen) I buy this by the case. It is absolutely perfect for eating while watching your favorite shows. You can always reduce the amount of the flavor packet you use if you don’t want someone saying, “Your face is bloated, did you eat ramen?” Seriously. Nobody has ever said that to me, but we could play drama bingo with the number of times it is said in different dramas.

Korean snacks — Yum! So many to choose from: salty, sweet, squid-flavored . . . . These are perfect stocking stuffers!

Kpop socks — These no-show socks keep your feet warm and bedecked with your favorite Kpop stars all day long. It is a satisfying feeling to know that Suga is guarding your toes as you go through your daily life.

Subway gift cards & Quiznos gift cards — Any drama watcher knows that the best place to go on a date, break up, or have a business meeting is a sub shop. Right? So, when all the product placement has gone to your head, your Subway or Quiznos gift cards will come in handy!

Of course, the greatest gift you can give is becoming a Dramas Kimchi Super Fan! Head on over to Patreon to join the club and enjoy our once-a-month exclusive podcasts and other extra materials. It’s where the cool kids are at!

Did we miss anything, drama fans? What are you hoping to receive under the tree?

Until the wrapping paper is all picked up, we remain–

Karie the Maknae & Kdrama Jen

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

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  1. I hope all have seen and read the new, wonderful book on K-Drama on Amazon—it is called A K-Drama Voyage written by an American who seems to be a bit of an internationalist. It is a cultural masterpiece and a bit of a guide to K-Drama. The author, from his blurb, lives in Hawaii. Isn’t this perfect.

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