My Secret Romance: Episode 12 – Yaaaawn

IMG_5382Everybody still awake? You gotta give them credit. They held off almost two whole minutes before inserting a flashback. The plot spreads so thin in this episode you could read through it. But I actually wanted to try and write a positive recap. Even I get tired of complaining.

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My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake

.;a1My Secret Romance premiered today, and it has the delicious Sung Hoon in it. So basically, I’m in. This drama is a lot like that fancy cupcake you see at the supermarket. You know it’s just a frosting-filled mess of empty calories, and you should really check out the carrot stick section. Then that traitorous voice inside you whispers, “But I love frosting!” Continue reading