Teasers for Revolutionary Love (Siwon is Back!!)

dramas kimchi revolutionary love siwon awkward smile

YOU GUYS!! YOU GUYS!! Siwon is back from his military service and he’s been cast in a drama for October! I might be a little excited about this. I LOVED him in She Was Pretty. Now he’s going to be the LEAD. *faints a little*

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The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: The Military Giveth and the Military Taketh Away


With Joo Won and Lee Min Ho joining the military this past week, I think it is the perfect time to take a moment and analyze the mandatory military service system and how it effects Kdrama Addicts.  Join the Fangirls as they discuss their favorite actors forced into MS and who they are looking forward to coming out in the latest edition of The Fangirl’s Roundtable. Continue reading