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I really had no idea what to expect from Secret Mother because the teasers were trying to be so mysterious that they didn’t give enough away to intrigue me. Let’s see if what they were hiding is enough to keep you watching.

Kim So Yeon is HOT!

It always surprises me when a lead actress steps out of the main lead role where they play down their makeup and put them in conservative clothes. She plays the mysterious woman who shows up and pretends to be a tutor so she can get close to Song Yoon A’s character. When you first watch, you may think she’s going to be the sexy tutor who comes in an ruins a family by sleeping with the husband. But as the shows progresses you can see there is way more to her character. Also, the scenes with her and the little boy are so freaking cute.

Anyone Love a Good Mystery?

This is a “who done it” type show and there are a boatload of suspects. We open with Eun Young (Kim So Yeon) landing in the pool at some fancy charity event. She’s fallen from the top of a building and she’s leaking blood into the pool. They show all the lead women in various states of panic. The rest of the episodes I’ve watched are all in flashback. So we’re following a similar set up to Misty. While Misty’s directing and acting is in a totally different level, I still find this show intriguing.

Everyone in this drama has a secret. The story surrounds a twisted web of upper crust families who race around trying to prepare their seven-year-olds for university while having affairs, hiding not so stellar pasts, living separately, pretend divorces, hooking up with the hot swim instructor, possibly hooking up with a hot cop, and maybe causing their daughter’s death.

Song Jae Rim!!

Speaking of hot cops. Song Jae Rim plays the detective who has a questionable past with the mother. Pretty early we learn that the main family lost their youngest child. The little girl’s disappearance, and probable death, seems to be connected to a hit-and run case. Every time Jae Rim’s character is around the mom, you totally get the vibe that they were having an affair when the tragic event happened to her daughter. She’s distance herself from him, but he’s still working the case. His character hasn’t won me over, being kind of bland so far, but I hope he’ll have a chance to shine.

Adorable Father/Son Moments…. for Now.

Kim Tae Woo has played a bad go so many times that you almost expect it to happen. But the scenes with him and his son are so adorable it’s hard not to love them. Of course, there are rumors that he was sleeping with Eun Young’s character before she fell in that pool, so he is on the list of suspects.

Helicopter Parenting at its Worst

I’m not really into watching women backstab (or stab for real) and compete with one another to get the best tutor, but it is an interesting look into the helicopter parenting issues that South Korea is facing right now. I know the lead actress stated she hoped this drama would shed some light on the problems with this type of thing happening within the school systems.

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t really give a lot of specifics mainly because this is a show where it is best to watch all the secrets unfold in front of you. I have personally put it on the back burner because there are just too many dramas I’m sub stalking right now, and Secret Mother didn’t make that cut. But I do think it’s one I will return to because I want to know how Eun Young’s character ended up in that pool, and see if there is any way for the adorable little boy to have a happy ending.

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts – Secret Mother

  1. The trailers were mysterious but didn’t give me enough to be interested, once I started watching however, I needed to know who dun it? The other moms annoy me so much with their silly secrets and pretend friendships, i feel like, well, you deserve what you get. I really hope KTW is NOT the bad guy in this. That seems too obvious.

  2. The trailers were mysterious but didn’t give me enough to be interested. But I love Song Yun Ah and Kim So Yeon grew on me a lot so I had to check it out. That’s when I was intrigued. I could take or leave all the other phony moms. They get what they deserve. I really hope Kim Tae Woo is NOT the killer, that’d be too obvious. I’m banking on one of the other dads, the pool boy, or maybe that other doctor that’s trying to weasel her way between the husband and wife. Then again, she didn’t know who KTW was when he helped her with the attacker. Who knows?

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