Adorkable 2nd teaser for Quiz From God: Reboot

This is one of those dramas I am on the fence about.  On one hand, the first several seasons of Quiz From God were amazing.  On the other, when it went bland, it went really bland.  So where does that leave Quiz From God: Reboot? Continue reading


The Guest: A Special Twitter Edition First Impression Post

Sometimes a drama rolls around and you watch, you contemplate, and you go to Twitter to live tweet your reactions.  Yes, Hand: The Guest (I will just be calling it The Guest for the rest of the post) is that kind of drama.  So sit back and enjoy as I search twitter for the best tweets to try and describe my feelings on this drama.  Because sometimes what you say while you in the middle of watching turns out to be the most entertaining thing you can say. Continue reading

First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Lee Yoo Ri Shines in Makjang Drama Hide & Seek

Are you searching for a classic weekend drama where you hate the evil grandmother and wish everyone was a little less crooked (except for our leading lady Lee Yoo Ri)?  Then how about taking a look at the new drama Hide & Seek?  Come join me as I give you my first impressions & unfiltered thoughts on the first 8 episodes and why it might not matter that the drama is just OK because Lee Yoo Ri is brilliant. Continue reading

The pros & cons of Chinese drama Fights Break Sphere

Kdrama Jen and I are back home and checking out the newest Chinese options, which led us to start the martial arts Wuxia drama Fights Break Sphere.  And while the title leaves a lot to be desired (so awkward to say!), it is a truly unique drama gem among a sea of historical and harem shows.  So come join us as we do our best to convince you to give this quirky drama a chance! Continue reading

Podcast Episode #37: Chinese version of Hogwarts? Yes please!

So. . . due to weather and airport complications after the BTS concert this past week we were not able to record our regularly scheduled Still 17 Podcap.  But never fear, since it will be ready for next week.  In the meantime, join Kmuse & Kdrama Jen as they discuss their latest Chinese drama addiction Fights Break Sphere in today’s Cozy Chat.  We promise you that it is more interesting than the title makes it appear.
Continue reading

We have crazy levels of intensity in new Room No. 9 character teasers

You might as well kill me now since there are so many dramas coming up that make me want to tune in and I literally have no clue how I am going to fit everything in. That’s not even including, kids, work, and real life.  I might have to get rid of the kids (Ha!  Just kidding.  I would probably quit my job first if push came to shove.)  Any-who, teaser after teaser of perfect Fall watching fare is being released.  Among them is the revenge soul switching drama Room No. 9. Continue reading