Podcast Episode #38: Still 17 Podcap episodes 13-26

We promised you Still 17 (Thirty but Seventeen) podcapping magic and here we are, ready to deliver.  Come join The Fangirls as we chat all things Still 17.  Wonder what we think about the love triangle?  Is Seo Ri too cutesy?  Is the super sweet kiss our favorite moment to date?  We answer these questions and more, so come join the fun!
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Podcast Episode #37: Chinese version of Hogwarts? Yes please!

So. . . due to weather and airport complications after the BTS concert this past week we were not able to record our regularly scheduled Still 17 Podcap.  But never fear, since it will be ready for next week.  In the meantime, join Kmuse & Kdrama Jen as they discuss their latest Chinese drama addiction Fights Break Sphere in today’s Cozy Chat.  We promise you that it is more interesting than the title makes it appear.
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