Proud of Love Episodes 7-9: Aunt Flo Comes to Visit & Other Adventures


Jealousy rears it’s ugly head as a new threat to Shen Xi and Tang Tang’s relationship arrives in the form of a sexy bartender.  Will Shen Xi be able to defend her love while in Zhi Zhou’s body?  Especially when Zhi Zhou can’t help since he is distracted by his introduction to Aunt Flo. Continue reading

1st Teaser for Upcoming Drama “Monster” (몬스터) Begins With A Bang

407e9199271572329e7d84199999ec72GAH!!!!!!  It is almost here.  Monster has almost entered the kdrama building (I still wish they had picked another title, but at least it has no connotations to memory/remember/anything regarding the mind, so we have that.) and the first teaser does not disappoint.  There are guns, guns, and more guns and at least one gunshot.  The mystery has officially begun. Continue reading