Proud of Love Episodes 7-9: Aunt Flo Comes to Visit & Other Adventures


Jealousy rears it’s ugly head as a new threat to Shen Xi and Tang Tang’s relationship arrives in the form of a sexy bartender.  Will Shen Xi be able to defend her love while in Zhi Zhou’s body?  Especially when Zhi Zhou can’t help since he is distracted by his introduction to Aunt Flo.

Aunt Flo is a *#&@#


KMUSE: As a girl who has had to suffer through this for more years than I want to admit…. I love that we get to see a man suffer through this experience.  And not just some mild cramping, but the whole shebang of cramps, mood swings, and accidental spotting.  Periods just suck and this shows exactly how much.  Kudos to the writers for making this so realistic.

Drama Geek: I love that it pretty much takes him out. He can’t do anything and must just be a limp noodle on the slide waiting to be rescued. Sadly, I had a similar experience in junior high but instead of a dress it was a white short jumper. And embarrassingly enough one of my male classmates is the one that pointed it on the bus. Unfortunately the bus wasn’t take us home, but on a field trip. Oh the perils of being a girl.

KMUSE: I cringed at seeing Zhi Zhou lounging on all the play equipment while still leaking.  Ew. So unsanitary.


KMUSE: Being on your period totally requires a plan of attack when it comes to feminine products.  This episode is so spot on.

Drama Geek: My question is how do the boys spying on them not figure out that they’ve switched bodies? I mean, what guy is this knowledgeable about feminine products? My hubby has picked them up for me once or twice but he just grabbed the first thing he came to.

Hotel Room Shenanigans

Drama Geek: I want this chair!!! Shen Xi looks super adorable in it. Also, they were sweet and cute during this scene. How can Shen Xi not be distracted by Zhi Zhou over boring Tang

KMUSE: I want that chair too!  I also am wondering how Shen Xi doesn’t even have a flicker of interest in Zhi Zhou.  Even in a girl’s body, he is very charismatic. Just goes to show that our leading lady is a little bit………dim might be the right word?

KMUSE: I was also wondering why they didn’t just go to the bathroom in a store and utilize the necessary products?  Why would you go out, buy new clothes, feminine pads, then go through the hassle of renting a luxurious hotel room just to figure this whole thing out?  The director must have really wanted to have Shen Xi sitting in that swing.

Tang Tang Gets Jealous


KMUSE: Even when Tang Tang is jealous he continues to bore me to tears.  Sorry Tang Tang.  It’s not me it’s you.

Drama Geek: So everyone finds them in the hotel room and they only have a lame excuse for why they are there. I can see why Tang Tang (who hasn’t actually told her in person he wants to be her boyfriend) would get jealous, but I’m not sure he technically has a right yet. And when he goes to work and flirt drinks with Bartender Girl I’m really not feeling sorry for him. Plus, does anyone else think the only time he seems not boring is when he’s with this girl or seems possibly gay?

KMUSE: While I could care less about Tang Tang and his possible work crush, I will admit that I die laughing whenever Shen Xi gets jealous.  Especially when she feels the need to stand on chairs to shout down at Bartender Girl.  There is something just adorable about Shen Xi’s male body doing such a silly thing.


I’m Gay

Drama Geek: If course Shen Xi is distraught that Tang Tang is mad at her and this whole hotel thing may ruin their relationship so Zhi Zhou puts his own reputation on the line and comes to the rescue in the most hilarious way possible. He texts Shen Xi what to tell Tang Tang and she obediently repeats every word. Even the “I’m gay” part. LOL This actor’s faces KILL me.

KMUSE: Shen Xi’s expressions are on point as usual.  I can’t help laughing whenever she gets surprised. I noticed that Zhi Zhou has started putting himself out there when helping Shen Xi get what she wants.  Even if it ends up making him look bad. Hmm.  Are feelings starting to surface on his side?

Love Debate


Drama Geek: There’s a debate and Bartender Girl comes in as the ace debater and ends up on Shen Xi’s team. She rattles off something about how Girls and Guys can have platonic relationships yada yada and the poor boys and the other team are so awed by her looks they have no rebuttle. (After hearing her debating skills I’m pretty sure this is how she usually wins.) Of course, Shen Xi is all freaked about Bartender Girl’s relationship with Tang Tang so even though she’s on the same team she starts debating that people of the opposite sex can’t innocently be friends. Um… I think your relationship with Zhi Zhou is supposed to refute that. LOL.

KMUSE: The only thing that popped into my mind was how someone who is a top debater wears ripped jeans to a formal debate?  Also, her debating skills are pretty weak.  Almost as weak as Tang Tang’s ability to moderate the debate.  The best part was Shen Xi getting back on her chair again to scream down at Bartender Girl.


Our Thoughts:

Drama Geek: At this point I am beyond ready for Shen Xi to get over Tang Tang. He only thinks he’s interested in her because they grew up together and she’s worshiped him for years. He is his happiest self when he’s either with his friends or Bartender Girl. And Shen Xi needs to focus on herself and what she wants out of life. Of course, being a women from a totally different culture and a pretty strong feminist makes me cringe every time she acts like living for Tang Tang is the only thing life is about. She has switched bodies and may possible never get back in her own and she’s SO focused on this guy that she’s not seeing the big picture. I hope to see some character growth from her soon. And for both of them to start showing mutual attraction and appreciation for the other.


KMUSE: I agree completely with Drama Geek.  Shen Xi needs to have some kind of epiphany pronto because the constant living to worship Tang Tang schtick is getting really old.  Guess I will have to enjoy all the gay hijinks until she gets her act together.  Thankfully, that won’t be a problem because those scenes are hilarious.

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Until the next bonerific episodes,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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  1. I know that you guys love this but – I am asking if they switch back before the end? I think part of the “I’m so cutesy” that is turning me off is the faking-personality-by-the-other-person. If this is temporary and then they have to deal with the consequences – THAT I would like. I’m just afraid to start this show if they don’t switch before the end – which iis a bummer because I like all the other parts of the story.

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