Answer Me 1988 Episode 5 -A Hodgepodge of Events

w3.pngNo matter how much we would like to keep things small and sheltered, life continues to happen.  This is something that our block families discover as outside factors try to break the peace of their neighborhood.  Whether it is family members in need or the protests of the times, their lives are changing and moving forward to an uncertain future.


There are a lot of great moments that happen in Episode 5.  There is also a lot that I don’t really feel the urge to talk about (sorry political protests and mean mother in law story lines). So with that in mind I am going to be very random and just do a mixture of my favorite scenes as well as random thoughts that came to mind as I viewed this episode.  It might not be the most efficient recap I have ever done, but that is how I roll today.

Pay It Forward

We get a glimpse of the college protests of the 80’s (I am not going into detail, but it is easily googled for those interested).  Duk Seon’s Dad is coming home to his family through streets filled with police and protesters alike.  One such protester tries to use dad as an escape from the police.  Dad (being the awesome guy that he is) goes along with the play and even gives the student some money afterward to get something to eat.


I love that the dad continues to give to others even though times are rough.  Sure I can see that it does make things a bit difficult for the family, but sometimes people like this are angels for others who bring hope in the world that is filled with despair.  It hits close to home as I glance at the news that is only filled with hate and negativity.  Maybe I will take a tip from Dad’s book and pay it forward this week.

Random Observation:

It really bugs me that they blur out the TV and the covers of books in this drama.  Is this a copyright thing?  Do they do this in Korea as well or just for international viewers?  As a person who likes to see all the minor details to create a whole picture, that big blur in the middle of my screen is driving me bat crap crazy.  If there is someone watching in South Korea let me know because I am truly curious.


I feel like a kid again trying to make out a picture on a station that is fuzzy.  Those of you from the 80’s know what I am talking about.

Boys = Injuries

Boys being boys always ends in tears, or, in this case, a broken leg.  Imitating a stunt was done by a famous stuntman, movie persona, astronaut?  I don’t know since the stupid TV is blurred out GRRRRRRR.   Anyhow, Sun Woo is recreating the stunt which involves him jumping onto a chair and artfully going down with it.  I have to admit that it does look cool.  However the 2nd time he attempts the stunt he lands wrong and instant leg cast.  I can’t decide if it is sweet or annoying that Sun Woo is even the perfect patient.


A Mothers Work is Never Done

It’s just another normal day at the Kim household.  Mom is busy preparing food for her three toddlers, I assume they are toddlers since they literally cannot do anything for themselves.  Whether it is getting off one’s tukas to get the newspaper, bandaging a minor paper cut, or taking an egg out of hot water.  These boys are beyond helpless.


Mother Kim is called away to help with her ailing mother, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.  Before she leaves she shows them how to do all the chores, how to feed themselves with food she has already prepared, pretty much everything they need to survive.  As soon as she is gone they turn into wild neanderthals, unclothing themselves, watching TV in their underwear, and eating junk food (Rice, mayonnaise, & sugar is not a combo that anyone should be digesting.)


The men finally get around to figuring out how to make dinner.  Pretty much they throw everything from the fridge into a bowl and mix it up.  Dinner served…..and they didn’t even need to put on pants to accomplish it.  The neanderthal men shall live to see another day……..unless they accidentally give themselves food poisoning.


They survive the night but continue in their efforts to make themselves (and the viewers) sick by eating Ramyun for breakfast.  Now usually I think Ramyun in dramas looks delicious.  But not with hot dogs floating about like mini intestinal bombs.  This just looks disgusting.


6bbcb033jw1ewh6wmqurpj21hc0zkwppI love how the house wreaks of the filth of bachelorhood when mom calls to announce that she is on her way home.  This instigates a frantic clean to make the area livable.  Sure enough Jung Hwan’s mother comes home to a  clean house, all the side dishes eaten, and the laundry done.  This makes her a little sad to see that she was not needed.  To make his mom happy Jung Hwan forces his brother’s hands onto a hot pot, burning them.

w16.pngBut Jung Hwan’s “make mom feel better” rampage is not finished.  He goes and destroys the briquettes that his dad is taking out, narking on his father for messing up.  Jung Hwan then goes and pulls out all his clean clothes from his drawers and yells at his mom to find his shorts.  Mom happily bursts in and reprimands him for not seeing them right in front of his face. Yet another (kinda) sweet moment by my bias Jung Hwan.

A Visit From Mom

Being a daughter myself, I can totally relate to the frantic last minute clean before my mother (or in my case Mother-in-law) comes to visit.  And while I don’t go quite as crazy as Sun Woo’s mother does, I can completely understand her need to make her mom feel that she is doing well.

w15.pngWith only 30 minute notice, Sun Woo’s mother frantically cleans her daughter, dresses in her finest apparel, and “borrows” food and other household accessories to make her house look thriving.   Her mom only stays for ten minutes and Sun Woo’s mother is happy in thinking she had fooled her.

w14.pngIt was only later that she found an envelope with money inside and a note saying that while her mother couldn’t afford a lot, here was some money to buy a new outfit.  It was a wonderful moment that showed that being a mother doesn’t stop even when your child is grown.

A Break From Reality

Aww, the fantasies of teenagers.  You have to love how beyond reality they are.  I also love how both of our dozing dreamers ( Jung Hwan & Duk Seon) have a very embarrassing reality involving drool and crumbs.  Such a difference from the fantasy they is attempting to weave.



Did You Ever Know That You’re My Bias?

Jung Hwan continues to be my block bestie bias in this drama.  He might not be ready to do any confessing, but the signs of love are showing up everywhere.
He is properly jealous when he finds Duk Seon and Dong Ryong alone in a room together.

w12.pngHe looks after Duk Seon by forcing himself to stay awake until she comes home late from the study center (I loved how they had her house lights go off and then seconds later Jung Hwan’s bedroom light goes dark.w13.png
And on a rainy night when Duk Seon hasn’t arrived after 2, Jung Hwan waits on the corner with an umbrella and tells her to come home earlier next time.  ACK!!!!!!!!  How can he be so moody and perfect in one little ball of teenage angsty awesomeness?
So at this point you would assume that it 100% Jung Hwan.  Sun Woo has been perkily bouncing about but showing no interest in Duk Seon.  Taek is pretty much nonexistent this episode (NOT COOL WRITERS), and Dong Ryong is, well, Dong Ryong.  So the husband hunt is a done deal right?  Wrong.  Just when we thought it might be safe to ship an OTP (one true pairing) the writers throw in a tiny little problem.

While in Sun Woo’s bedroom, Jung Hwan discovers that his buddy has been making excuses to visit the Sung household.  In his hands, he holds two Korean to English dictionaries (one of the excuses Sun Woo had used to be at their house).



Don’t do this to me.  To us.  To the world.  It is obvious that Jung Hwan and Duk Seon are made for each other.  Why would the writers even think of giving us this awesome character and make him end up alone and abandoned.  I demand that he gets the romancing he deserves.  If this ends up being another Chilbongie situation, I will send nasty messages to the writers.


My Thoughts:

I know that I skipped a whole bunch of Bo Ra story line.  Sadly, she kind of annoys me.  Her poor parents having to go through the stress of raising such a selfish, aggressive, abusive bully.  You would think that Bo Ra is the youngest, the way she exhibits every bad behavior a teen could have……..but she isn’t a teen is she?  Which makes it all the more infuriating.


I have heard various people guessing that Sun Woo  is actually in love with Bo Ra.  This is something I could totally get behind.  1. It would take him out of the Duk Seon husband running (he bores me to tears).  2. It would take a saint of a man to put up with that brat of a girl.  Maybe he could improve her somehow.  And 3. It would clear the way for my Duk Seon and Jung Hwan ship to sail.  So let’s all throw up a collective prayer to the drama gods that this is actually the case so we can go forward with no romantic stress.


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  1. Fun fact: Bo Ra protesting stuff that NEEDED PROTESTING actually made me like her a WHOLE lot more 😀 I spent my late teens & college protesting (shockeroo there I’m sure) stuff that STILL needs it (like, you know, saving the planet & stop killing people in senseless wars duh) so I’m sooo with her.
    But yeah – so not enough Taek in episode 5.

    • I don’t have problems with her protesting. I have problems with how she treats her family, specifically her parents. Protesting for something you believe in is commendable. How she abuses her family is not

      • I’m with you Amber. The problem isn’t with her protesting. It’s the way she treats her family. Her parents have done so much for her and it’s like a slap in the face with the way she treats them. I also don’t appreciate how she treats her sister as well. I think she has a lot of growing up to do and agree that maybe a nice guy like Sun Woo would be good for her.

  2. Hmm, weird, the site I watched it on, a DRAMA site that is very NICE, doesn’t blur out the TV or books. Did you watch on DF?

    I am disheartened by your evaluation of the boys’ cooking, as I cook that way (except for the mayo-sugar-rice). Everything basically becomes bibimbab, and ramen is best with hot dogs in it.

  3. I also hate Bora and find nothing redeeming about her. She’s in her early 20’s and still acts like a selfish and violent jerk. Her parents also let her to do this, and let her beat on her little sister for no reason, which seriously bothers me when watching. I don’t care if she’s “secretly” nice or some shit. She’s annoying. Sun Woo also bores me so I am VERY HAPPY to see them together. So I can ignore them together. Yes, it’s great.

    And no, there is no blur in the raw or on Korean TV. Dramafever does it.

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