A Side of Kdrama Gossip #4

collage.jpgKmuse here, spending way too much of the time I should be sleeping, checking out my kdrama social media.  But since I am already awake, I figured I would throw out a quick Kdrama Gossip post since it has been a while since we last released one due to the End of Year reviews.  Sadly, I am flying solo, this time,  since the other Fangirls are smart and snug in their beds.  But please join me as I chat about the latest stills, gossip, and other random stuff happening in Kdramaland.


Madame Antoine

s3-.jpgI am loving the look of both leads in upcoming feel good romcom Madame Antoine.  They are the styled better than they have been in years and finally Han Ye Seul has shed her brittle beauty look. s2
Sung Joon is also looking comfortable and confident and I am hoping to finally love one of his characters again.  It has been far too long since Shut Up Flower Boy Band and I Need Romance 3, so isn’t it about time that he impresses us again with the sexiness we know he is capable of?
Madame Antoine is a feel good drama about finding love while helping others heal their emotional wounds. Han Ye Seul plays a fortune teller who is a pro at reading people’s personalities in order to give good predictions.  Sung Joon is a cold hearted psychologist who doesn’t believe in love.  Of course, opposites attract and presto, instant kdrama romance.  My only problem so far is with the choice of the writer who penned both King 2 Hearts and Mi-rae’s Choice.  One I loved and the other I hated with a passion, which makes the odds for this drama 50/50.  I will just have to give it the requisite 4 episodes before making a final decision. Madame Antoine will air on Fridays and Saturdays beginning in early February

Youth Over Flowers – Iceland

s9.pngI might be tempted to check this one out if I can find it subbed anywhere (If anyone knows of a site that subs this series send me a quick text).  I have only watched the original Grandpa’s over Flowers from this PD and loved it.  Sadly, I only have so much time in the day and variety programs usually get pushed to the back burner, hence why I have not followed through on any of the other shows in the series.  But Iceland seems like an interesting local, and a place that I have not heard much about.  I think it would be fascinating to see it through the eyes of a khottie tourist.  Our resident khotties this time around are Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994), Jo Jung-seok (Oh My Ghostess), Jung Sang-hoon (SNL Korea), and Kang Haneul (Misaeng).  If the location hadn’t already caught my interest, the lineup of youth certainly did.


Not to mention, the four boys look adorable in this official poster.  Is it too much to ask for, that there be some cute bromantic cuddling in this chilly climate?  An Ahjumma can hope, right?  Youth Over Flowers Iceland will begin airing in January.


The Merchant: Gaekju 2015

s6Jang Hyuk’s sageuk The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 has earned itself a one episode extension.  Why I don’t know, since I dropped this one around ep 10.  Sorry to die hard fans. Even the sexy Jang Hyuk could not keep my interest on merchanting in olden times.

Casting News

The Vampire Detective

s2Kim Yoon Hye has joined upcoming drama The Vampire Detective as its leading lady.  To be perfectly honest, Kim Yoon Hye’s acting to date has left me somewhat cold.  But, she is the female lead of an OCN drama which means things won’t be too bad.  Let’s just say that you don’t watch an OCN crime show for the sizzling romance.  Something which makes a mediocre actress perfectly fine as an addition.

Script Reading

One More Happy Ending

I am pretty sure these photos from upcoming drama One More Happy Ending, could not get any more fabulous.  The cast looks fantastic.  So good in fact, that I almost confused these shots for stills from the drama.  What do you think?  Do Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho look good together?  I might be just a tiny bit biased, but I am answering with a resounding “Yes”!

Magazine Photos & CV’s

The boys from Reply 1988 are smoking hot right now.  Which means that there will be photo shoots galore in both magazines and through advertising contracts.  Check out the latest shots of leading men Ryoo Joon Yeol & Park Bo Gum.  There is no way I will ever get tired of looking at these two actors.  Pure khottie deliciousness.


That is all for me right now.  My bed is starting to sing its sweet tune and this Ahjumma needs to get some sleep so I will be all ready to hit a dramathon tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed all the latest gossip and I hope to be back soon with more kdrama related news.

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