The Fangirls Day 24 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


SORRY!  Had some computer difficulties for the last 48 hours, hence the lack of daily posts.  Thanks for sticking with us and we will continue where we left off on Day 24.  Let’s chat toxic relationships!

DAY 24: The unhealthiest drama OTP (one true pairing) that were better off not being together at all.

CLKYTTA: Yong Pal had the most toxic couple ever. Spoilers ahead. I was honestly wishing that they were going to kill off Han Yeo Jin and pair up Kim Tae Hyun with Cynthia.  I loved Cynthia!  I never bought into the story that Yong Pal would love the gangster princess. She stood for everything he was against and she was holding him back.  The writers had a lot of potential there and they totally screwed it up by turning her character into a vengeful one. I had no sympathy for her and Yong Pal was one of those dramas that I felt wasted my time.


Drama Geek: I’ll argue with CLKYTTA on this one. Secret Love had the most toxic couple ever. SOOO many of their interactions bordered on domestic violence. And the WORST kiss in all kdramaland. I have to admit that I barely finished the drama after the car kiss and will forever remember these two people as Oh Ri Jin and the many personalities of Do Hyun. I just don’t want to think of them as their other personas.


Kdrama Jen:  Sorry.  I have been MIA, so I missed the last few posts.  I have a great excuse, though…  I was in Korea!  So, let me chime in here.  I think the OTP from Valid Love was not a good pairing.  The whole teacher/student thing bothered me from the beginning, and I was secretly cheering for her to end up with the carpenter hottie, but I can’t figure out if that is because I liked the character or if I have bit of a Lee Soo Hyuk bias.  Either way, I just thought the main couple was not meant to be.


KMUSE: My fellow bloggers stole the words straight from my mouth.  All three of those are horribly toxic relationships.  As for me, I am going to add the OTP from Jekyll, Hyde, and I.  It is never a good thing when the leading man ends up coming in second to his alternate personality. I still am pissed that the relationship was written so poorly.  What were they thinking?  The end ship should never be the rebound ….. or involve the wife of one’s alternate personality.  It was messed up.


Which OTP ship do you think should have never sailed?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for more challenge posts and recaps.

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  1. Another Miss Oh. I’ve never seen a drama filled with so many unkind, selfish, immoral people. I had nobody to root for in that one.

    • I’m glad someone else felt that way about the drama. I was put off by the way the drama seemed to validate the female lead’s awful behavior (smashing a window with a rock or beating up people is cool evidently because True Love). In return, I was lectured about cultural differences — I was told that, although domestic violence is not okay when the man beats the woman, it’s fine in Korea when the woman beats the man. I was also told that that made the female “human” and sympathetic and the drama realistic. It had the opposite effect on me.

  2. New Tales of Gisaeng, Dan Sa-ran and Ah Da-mo, he grovelled, he pleaded and he would forever be a beggar for affection in their relationship.

  3. She Was Pretty. Do you remember how Park Seo Joon’s character was a great jerk at the beginning? Forget that he doesn’t know who Hwang Jung Eum was back then. It was still painful to watch.It would have been better if she ended up with Siwon.

  4. I don’t think any 16- or 20-ep drama, no matter the plot, can even be compared to 50-ep or daily dramas as far as toxic relationships are concerned. I’ve seen some really, really crazy characters with psychotic behavior and twisted sense of love, hate and family who should belong to mental institutions instead of being loose out there.
    Beautiful Days had a whole family with serious issues. The past actions and the greed of one individual destroyed the lives of so many.
    90 Days of Love left me speechless. I liked the acting but the story..? I wanted to poke my own eyes out with a fork.
    Same with that despicable One Fine Day. I wouldn’t have had eyes by now if I hadn’t have the FFW button. Thank God!!!
    A Man’s Story insinuated and presented one very disturbed human being. Toxic relationships to the max!
    Bad Love had its fair share of messed-up characters who, even though were struggling hard to escape wrong people, they were failing time and time again.
    Now that I look back, I see how most melodramas include toxic relationships into the core of their plotlines. Maybe it’s a must-do in order to build their characters’ arcs. No rom/com can beat them to that “area of expertise”!

  5. Doctor Stanger. If it had been shown how they fallen in love instead of lovers at the beginning I could have seen it as love not obsession.

  6. Maybe I’ll get a lot of hate on this but – Noble, My Love. I just never felt like he really loved her and she want pretty much railroaded into hanging out with him.

    I like to imagine that, someday in the future, when Cha Yoon Seo’s relaxing around a campfire with her lovely swing-dancing husband and three children, she’ll think back and say “What the heck was I doing with that jerk?” and then she kisses her latest baby and snuggles down next to Woo Sang Hyeon to watch the stars.

    I have a vivid imagination.

  7. Oh, MY toxic couple is Jun Pyo & Stupid Girl (Jan Di). I’m so sorry. He was getting better by the end, but he STILL put her second to the company etc. Awful.
    I agree about Noble My Love as well – I stopped watching cause awful writing and the OTP was not cute to me at all.

  8. For KDrama:
    The most toxic for me was the OTP of Playful Kiss. Her: crazy stalker with no self respect. Him: cold, emotionally abusive SOB.
    Of All Times:
    Tie between C-Dramas Sealed With a Kiss and Le Jun Kai
    Both these OTPs locked in a sado-masochistic relationship. Both heroines were physically and emotionally abused by the “heroes” but kept coming back for more.

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